Interview Perks

December 27, 2019 - -

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had on-site interviews at a few places this year. All the companies offered a tour and lunch, but a few places offered a few extra perks I wanted to highlight.

Before the interview, Stripe and Square gave me email addresses for various groups within the company like LGBT, parents, and various ethnic groups, allowing me to ask questions to any groups I may have identified with.

Square gifted me a homemade candle from one of their merchants.

Stripe offered to pay for my transportation to and from the interview. I’m a little surprised more places don’t do this.

I didn’t interview at Airtable, but they gave me an Amazon gift card for completing their take home test, which I appreciated.

Mapbox gave me a handwritten card, thanking me for coming in.

Even though it might be logistically tricky, I think more companies should offer to pay for transit for the interview. I assume most won’t take it, but it’s worth eliminating any potential barriers that would dissuade the candidate from interviewing. Additionally, the list of groups to email is a nice touch. I personally didn’t take advantage of it, but it’s easy to see how it would be beneficial.