Video games of 2022

December 27, 2022 - -

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 I was surprised how addicting Little Alchemy was. Basically, you combine items to make other items, and there’s hundreds of items to make and often many ways to make them. It’s a little like the crafting component of other games. Fun graphics, and funny descriptions. Good time waster.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn This is a uniquely styled 1-bit, 3D, sepia-toned 1st person perspective mystery-style game. You board the Obra Dinn, a ship from the 1800s and attempt to identify the tragic fates of all 60 passengers while learning about the bizarre events of the ship. Although it’s a one player game, I enjoyed teaming up with my wife to try to deduce what happened. It’s very gratifying to get some of these correct, although later in the game, when there’s fewer options, it becomes a bit easier. Although 60 people sounds like a ton, it’s not an overwhelmingly huge or long game.


Craftopia This game is sort of like a 3D Terraria, and sort of like Minecraft, but it’s not very fun. I played with a few friends, and it just felt like a lot of concepts from other games bolted together incoherently. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, but I didn’t really enjoy it.

Core Keeper

Core Keeper Core Keeper, on the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed. It’s like a top-down Terraria, with some elements of Stardew Valley mixed in. I’ve been playing with some friends, and we’ve really enjoyed exploring, crafting, farming, and fighting monsters together. It even has a few thoughtful “quality of life” improvements over Terraria like having multiple people able to access the same treasure chest at the same time.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse Ultimate Chicken Horse is a fun, multiplayer game where players are given objects and hazards to construct a small, 2D level layout. Players then play that level and attempt to reach the goal. The level is replayed with new components added, making it zanier, and more difficult to complete. Great couch-co-op game!

Lost in Random

Lost in Random The game enticed me with it’s beautiful Nightmare-Before-Christmas-style environments. The actual gameplay on the other hand, is just ok. Combat is a little awkward with realtime actions paused to choose among various cards. Some of the jokes fall a little flat to me. It’s alright.


Wilderplace This is a story driven, turn-based puzzler with cool hand-drawn art created by my friend Saman! I was able to beta test the game during development. I don’t know if my feedback was useful at all, but it was fun to be a part of the process. Anyways, there’s some clever puzzles, and the music and artwork give it a relaxing vibe. Great game!

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium The main character wakes up, hungover, unable to remember anything. In this game, the player pieces together the character’s past, while solving a murder and several other mysteries. There is a tremendous amount of dialog and history in the game with plenty of interesting characters. As your character gains experience by accomplishing various objectives they can level up many physical, mental, and emotional attributes which can unlock other conversation and story paths. I really enjoyed this game. Admittedly, it feels a little rickety on the Switch; sometimes the animation is choppy, or the menus are slow to come up. But all the text, dialog, and walking around work fine.